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Serving Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana 
Edward A. Peralta Director / CEO
Mr. Peralta (ED) is an accomplished business man with years of experience in law enforcement and the private security sector.. He is a State Licensed Investigator and fugitive Recovery Agent.
Mr. Peralta's 30+ years of Law Enforcement training was obtained through Two (2) tours of duty in the Mediterranean and two (2) tours of duty in the far East for the Military as an Intelligence Officer.Ed moved on to civilian life as a Top Ranking officer on the Sheriff's Department in both Indiana and Illinois.

United States Security was founded in 1995 by Mr. Edward Peralta and established a presence in Northwest Indiana. We are a multilingual, multiracial, male and female team of professionals educating and providing precise dedicated service to the needs of our clients.

​United States Security is a minority, veteran, and woman owned business.
Field Commander E.J Emery
Field Commander Emery is a formally trained former Gary police Officer assigned to the Gary Housing Task force.
He also was assigned to Mayor Richard Hatcher of Gary as part of his Executive Protection Team. commander Emery has also Protected VIP's such as Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.,Jane Kennedy,Billy D. Williams, and Phyllis Hyman.
Cmdr. Emery has been assigned to High Risk Response Team, Labor Strike Teams, Surveillance Teams, He has over twenty five years of Law enforcement and security experience.
Deborah Grimaldi is Grand Master and founder of Tiger Martial Arts in Chesterton Indiana.Grand Master Grimaldi has over 40 years of experience in teaching and practicing the Martial Arts. She incorporates many arts into her teaching including Small Circle JuJitsu,kyusho-jitsu,Hapkido Kahlia, Salat, and boxing to name a few. She holds world titles in forms and is a national referee As a dedicated teacher, Grand Master Grimaldi continues to personally teach all classes, giving every student the opportunity to learn from the Grand Master, herself. She actively promotes and integrates the mental and physical benefits of Martial Arts in all of her teachings. Throughout her successful tenure as a martial arts instructor, Grand Master Grimaldi has had the honor to train some of the most talented martial artists, leading them to international, national and state champions. Master Grimaldi exemplifies dedication and preserverance, qualities she also instills in her students.Grand Master Grimaldi started her journey in the Martial Arts in Chicago under her teacher, Master Tiger Yang in 1970.
Mr. George Apostolis has been with United States Security for over 4 years. He is an NRA Firearms instructor and Illinois Department of Profoessional Regulations Firearms instructor, He is also a Defensive Tactics instructor specialized in ASP Tactical Baton, O.C Pepper Spray, and Handcuffing Subject control, CPR, A.E.D and First Aid.
Mr. Apostolis served in the Army as a Military Police Officer with the rank of First Lieutenant, He served five years in Iraq, and a Two year tour in Kosovo, He received 3 Purple Hearts for wounded in the line of duty, 1 Silver Star for Above and beyond, 1 Silver Star for for Bravery and many other unit citations.  Mr. Apostolis graduated from the Illinois Police Academy at Springfield , Illinois in 1998, He holds a degree in criminal justice and a degree of Doctorate in Business administration in food management, He has over fifteen years experience in the security field and over 14 in the Law Enforcement field. He speaks fluently Greek and Spanish.
Sgt. Chris (Tank) Bozarth
Cpl. Bozarth has been with United States Security for 4 Years, He is  Loss Prevention Specialists, with over  ten years experience in security.
Sgt. Jose (2 Scoops) Bran
Sgt. Bobby ( Guns) Calinski
Sgt. Calinski has been with United States Security for over 4 years Prior to joining our team he was employed by BP and was Hazmat Certified.
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-  Assistant Field Training Officer (FTO)
-  Assistant Firearms Instructor
-  Anti-Gang Operations Instructor
-  Mixed Martial Arts Trainer
-  Liaison for Latin-American countries.
Our newest recruits come straight from Active Duty in the United States Military where they were deployed overseas to various combat areas.  
Julian Castillo
Tony Gonzales