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United States Security Recruitment Center

United States Security is proud of our work-force and is always looking for qualified individuals who want a challenging career in the security profession.

All our security agents undergo strict pre-employment background checks and a drug screening process to ensure every prospective United States Security Agent is responsible and mature. United States Security complies with affirmative action programs and is an equal opportunity employer. 

  -  Must be 21 years or older
  -  Speak read write in English language
  -  Have a valid driver license, 
  -  Be emotionally stable no past or present history of emotional or mental illness, 
  -  Be free of a misdemeanor or greater conviction for crimes of domestic violence, 
  -  Currently not under court restraining orders, 
  -  Free from alcohol and drug dependency. Trained and qualified in the use of an approved hand gun, 
  -  Have no medical problems (amputations, deformities, disabilities, etc) that would restrict strenuous exertion or 
     prevent satisfactory performance. 
  -  Have no history of medical problems, (high blood pressure, heart or respiratory disease, etc) that would restrict 
     strenuous exertion, 
  -  Physically fit and able to preform the full range of duties without limitations. 
  -  Their general physical condition must in no way involve any defect which might become a hazard to themselves or

United States Security provides a comprehensive training service designed to help our employees meet the growing challenges facing the security industry today. Our officers are trained with an emphasis in physical security, ethics, legal authority, and public relations. Well-trained officers reduce liability, turnover, and improve professionalism. 

Security Agent Recruitment
Here at United States Security are always on the look out for professional, quality talent to join our rapidly expanding team of Security Agent.

We provide a comprehensive training package in the Security Agent Field. We train you to be a security agent by providing classroom instruction as well as on-the-job-training. We take you step-by-step through the Security Agent Program ,teaching the fundamentals of internal / external physical attack assessment protocols, information gathering, and vulnerability testing.

If you are interested in a career in the Security Agent Sector, contact us for an interview.  Get your career started in a very in-demand field.

​Contact us for your interview. Become an agent today.
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